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NO SPOILERS SYNOPSIS: On November 18, 2012, Dylan Redwine, a totally rad 14y/o boy, went missing in Colorado while visiting his dad for Thanksgiving. WTF happened to him? Did the main suspect do it?

Tapes From the Darkside (S1) is the best amateur production podcast I've ever listened to, hitting A+ on every level. It's a docuseries podcast telling a perfectly lengthy story, supported by pre existing media audio, that takes the listener down a thrilling road of mystery and speculation. 

HOST [NAME] TZ: TZ's voice is soothing and somewhat monotone, as if he might have a day job as on-air ASMR talent. His bits are few yet mighty, letting source audio make up [IMO] about 85-90% of the podcast. TZ is relatable, seeming like an average joe who also makes a podcast. His insight to the case

is compelling and not high horsey or overly opinionated. He doesn't focus on himself at all that I can remember, which is ideal as the podcast isn't about him. There is one part in a later episode when he explains something more in-depth for the first time, and he does express his opinion a bit; but it's the main critique of the things he's explaining, so it would be informative to listeners who don't know about that thing. 

PRODUCTION & SCRIPT: Seriously amazing. TZ isn't messing around by telling us any irrelevant bla bla bla. He reads conversationally, and builds suspense like a good who-done-it story should. To bring the script to life, TZ expertly researched and pulled together source audio from all over to flesh out this gripping and compelling case. The audio is organized perfectly; edited in ways that informs about the necessary facts, progress,

thoughts, emotions and madness. Most importantly TZ excluded peripheral nonsense that too many true crime podcasts include to increase length, and seem overly / needlessly sentimental. He explains or leaves out unintelligible audio. 

MUSIC: One of the best things about this podcast is the music. I'm an elder millennial who loves the synth tunes that have been coming out in the last five years or so. TZ was able to obtain music from the awesome musician 20Six Hundred. The songs are suspenseful, melodic and relevant, seeming straight out of a professionally directed horror movie, without any campiness. I'm currently following 20Six Hundred on Spotify as a result of listening to Tales From the Darkside. 


Season 2 and part of season 3 are also available though I haven't listened yet.